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December 2013

1953 International R 110 need window gaskets to replace cracked windows -
Marrero, Louisiana
- Contact members pod 6724

1970 c1200 international truck - hello iam looking for quarter vent rubber  kit can you help please Darryl Australia)  Contact pod 6699
1936 International stake bed cso in need of a jack and possibly 1 or 2  spare split rims for spare tires ? Brad -

Tennessee Contact pod 6702
1968 International 1100c side mirrors wanted Syracuse, New York - Contact  pod 6703

November 2013

1928 International 4 cylinder - Looking for a flat head gasket - Contact pod 6574

1928 International one ton six speed special truck - I'm looking for a  kingpin set. any ideas? Oregon

Contact pod 6555

October 2013

1937-40 International D2 - Pickup parts wanted - Minnesota - Contact pod   6501

International Harvester - parts wanted, temperature sender (engine) IH  143241R91 or IH 883695R91 For IH 282 in an ex-Army Inter Mk3 (not the same part as VDO Aust-CAS375 used in the Mk4 Inter) (Sydney, Australia)
Contact pod 6437

September 2013

International Harvester - wanted push rod for clutch master cylinder model  no. PBR-038D , adjustable Y shape push rod for International Harvester C1800  Tipper , cross match from F100, Bronco, Explorer or dodge any model. Bosch part no. P4977 , my C1800 truck is in Lightning Ridge and now chasing  parts, i'm located in Mittagong Nsw and need the part before I travel back  to the Ridge Les- ph 0455133556 -   Contact pod 6303

August 2013

International harvester, Red diamond - wanted, 450 B exhaust manifold.-  Ed, Virginia, Contact pod 6208

1956 International s series headlight surrounds wanted - Australia - Contact pod 6164

April 2013

1948 International pickup - Looking for a starter for green diamond motor.  Contact pod 6113

July 2013

International R 200 truck that I am restoring. I need to find cab rubbers  for windscreen and door seals.
Ph: 0418 425219 - NSW, Australia
- Contact pod 6066

1961 International C120 - wanted. both door Windows, and tailgate, rear  wheel brake drums with hubs

1947 International KB2 - Fender Emblems. I am looking for the KB2 emblems  that mount on the front fenders just below the hood to replace the ones I  mis-placed during a 12 year restoration. Thanks in advance, Ontario,

Canada  Contact pod 6010

June 2013

1947 International KB-3 truck, - I need a cab cowl and doors to my pickup,  I'm from Brazil, can you help me? Contact pod 5964

1973 International D1310 4x4 truck I am looking for badges/emblems.  Thanks, Mike Australia: Contact pod 5959

1953 International 110 RS pickup, lookin for used, in good shape windshield - Nashville, Tennessee -

Contact pod 5928

1950-1953 International AL110 - Looking for a   tailgate -Western Australia  Contact pod 5921

International 1950-1953 L120. Looking for parts Need a head with cams, springs lifters for BD220. Also looking for grill chrome and bumper. Minnesota -   Contact members pod 5906

May 2013

International D-1710 - wanted. service manual (s) [body and chassis,  tipper] and 6-282 petrol engine Queensland, Australia Contact pod 5822

1949 International - Looking for hub cap for a 1949 IH KB 2 pickup -   Contact pod 5771

1985 International T Line truck -wanted Gear lever boot Victoria, Australia - Contact pod 5744

1952 International AL 110. looking for the following parts - 8 rear shoulder rubbers part number 72696RI, - 16 front spring shackle rubbers P/N 166743R1, - 12 rear spring shackle rubbers  68897RI, - 2 oil filter P/N 850720R92, - 4 seat draglink P/N10557, - 4 spring draglink 1057Y, -1 seat draglink, P/N 74039RI, - 1 S/Box bush P/N
68002HB. Regard Luke 0353852859 - Victoria, Australia
Contact pod 5743

1953 International R 110- I have a 1953 R 110 pickup. I need a decent front grille for it. 1953-1955 are the same. Ken 801-390-3109 - Salt Lake City, Utah -    contact pod 5730

April 2013

1950's International AL 110 - wanted left door (passenger) and front bumper Phone Steve 0403387943 Western Australia contact pod 5694

1941-1949 International kb1 or kb2 -  wanted - rear fenders. Sarnia,   Ontario, contact pod 5608

1928 International - I'm restoring a 1 ton six speed special and looking for parts: driver side front door window regulator handle, center wheel cap and passenger side front door window regulator handle - contact pod 5584

March 2013

1954 International R110, I am in search of a Grill and headlights - Fruitland, Idaho -  contact pod 5530

1970 International pick up truck c1100 step side box. wanted left and right rear fenders - Rick - 63443841 / 0407618310 Tasmania, Australia -   contact pod 5455

International truck T2700 - looking for light Bezel - 454783c1 -454782C1 - Gisborne,  New Zealand -

contact pod 5443

1970 International pick up truck. pats wanted - 2 x c1100 badges, front and back bumpers, tailgate, left and right , back guards. Appreciate any assistance or referral. Ricky. Tas, Australia    contact pod 5446

February 2013

International md.sf 36 - i need ignition parts for 1928 - Garfield, New Jersey -  contact pod 5386


November 2013

1936-1955 International Fuel Pump. Factory Rebuilt. B. Kendziorski Bay City, Mich. 989-892-2652

1939 International truck title for sale from NC-open and clear $275. Contact

June 2013

International RHD Vintage Truck Steering Box Sector Shaft

International 1950's Truck nos Park Lights Australia

International Truck 'AS' Models "Scientific" Supplement c1950's

International steering box  RHD Vintage Truck Steering Box Sector Shaft

1930 International Truck 1930's RHS Hood/Bonnet Emblem

1947-49 International KB-2 - for sale. I have what appears to be a complete set of chrome grill pieces and hood ornaments and wiper arms. I can send  pictures to your email address. Saint Michael, Minnesota - Contact pod 5799

International Truck Silver Face Rectangular Instrument Cluster  Australia

International . 1937 -1938 ? I have a box of very old International truck parts that I am trying to identify and sell. these belonged to a relative who sold the truck many years ago and these have been sitting in his garage since. I believe the truck was a 1937 or 1938. My goal is to try to identify the year of the parts so they can be sold to a person in need of  restoration parts. I will be happy to furnish pics for those interested. I believe the parts I have are: - 2 -Headlights - 3 -Windshield wipers with blades. 1-12" 1-11" 1-9" - 1 -Windshield Wiper Motor with chrome arm. - 18 - Assorted Chrome Grill Parts. - 1 - Jack with Handle - 2 - door handles - 2 - window cranks - 2 - I'm guessing here. These look like turn signals that would mount to the front fenders. They are electric and have a clear lens at one end and a red lens at the other. A little over 2" long and cigar shaped. - 1 - rectangle mirror 71/2 x 4 with chrome arm. - 1 - round  mirror 4" diameter with chrome arm. - 1 -  INTERNATIONAL chrome insignia. 131/2 " long. - 1 - electrical black button switch. - 1 - Door lock .no  key - 2 - I'm guessing they are buttons to open the door. They are 1" in diameter, chrome, and attached to a mechanism. - 2 - I'm guessing again chrome piece 21/2 x 21/4 with 2 holes for bolts. Each has a rubber gasket and a clear lens that fits inside the chrome. - A few other assorted pieces that I have no clue. - I also have dozens of bolts, nuts, etc.  including clips for the chrome pieces. Seattle,    Contact pod 5753

1972 International Harvester H 1110 pickup - wanted . Dash pad - North Dakota -  contact pod 5739

April 2013

International rebuilt water pumps, 50-56 240 engine, Scout 61-64 152-192 engine, call 716 824 2292 or Buffalo New York,

March 2013

1940 International truck title- $225.

February 2013

1940s-60s IHC - Zenith back draft 1 Barrel carburetor #7142B, looks good $40. call 716 824 2292 or buffalo ny

1969 International pu title-open and clear $150. NJ -

International - Three all wheel drive international trucks for parts or whole 1968 1600, 1975 1700, 1978 1800, All have excellent drive trains. frank 914 906 1581 -Bronxville, New York,  contact pod 5339

December 2012

1949 international kb-1. Needed: head light rim and a few short grill arts - USA contact pod 5046

November 2012

1928 international truck engine running gear cab not complete photos available asking $800 Mandan North Dakota701-663-6356 

contact pod 4902

1935 international truck title-open and clear $299.
1948 international truck title open and clear $250.

1951-1954 International pick up stainless steel trim for around the driver and passenger side door glass. Trim has been polished dent free and ready to  intall. $75 (Ontario) Canada  contact

June 2012

1949 international kb - One and a half ton flat bed truck. .London Kentucky sell whole or part out, leave number

1946 International harvester kb1 green diamond - engine and transmission for sale plus many other parts. I  will let parts go for cheap I


December 2013

1954 International R100 for sale. Good condition. Has not been run in 3 years but ran well, parked. Perfect truck for restoration or hot rod. Located in North Idaho. Paul, Idaho Contact pod 6704

August 2012

1953-55 international - for sale Grille, Fenders, Horn button, carb, Parking lens, etc send a list.

Oregon -

May 2012

1968 International 1100 4X4 6 Cyl 4 speed for sale - Owners Manual. Utility body, Tommylift, rack. Propane conversion. Tires engine etc. good  running. Not licensed or pretty.. Extra parts including wood-grain dash. Ran long trips to Carson City, Oakland, etc. $1500 OBO!! (insult me...)

Colfax, CA 95713(530-346-6060) ask for Henry. or

contact pod 4127

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